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    We are your Sun Prairie Mortgage Company! We are known for our superior customer service and quick turnaround time for any of your home financing needs. Our goal is to make the finance experience as pleasant and fast as possible. Not only that but we want to offer the lowest Sun Prairie Mortgage Interest Rates available.

    Start your “no cost” mortgage analysis request now! You have a large choice of Sun Prairie home mortgage choices, including fixed rate home loans with low Sun Prairie Mortgage Interest Rates. You may even qualify for a Sun Prairie FHA loan, which can offer a low down payment and lower your home closing costs. You must meet Sun Prairie FHA eligibility requirements to qualify for the lowest Sun Prairie Mortgage Interest Rates.

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    This will let you compare Sun Prairie home mortgage options from multiple lenders, allowing you to choose great fixed rate loans at several year terms. You can also compare mortgage terms and options to find the best Sun Prairie mortgage for your financial needs.

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  • Sun Prairie Mortgage Rate Success Story: Sue

    Sue owns a Sun Prairie 4 unit apartment building. Sue currently has a 6.5% interest rate and would like to lower her Sun Prairie mortgage payment. Sue has been in this mortgage for about seven years and refinancing again and starting over was a concern.

    After speaking with her and reviewing her documents we put together a money saving program. We are lowering her Sun Prairie interest rate to 3.5% and reducing her term to 20 years. This new Sun Prairie home loan will save her about $105 a month and also save her three years of payments. The monthly savings totaled over $25000 over the life of loan. The three years of payments equaled to about $42,000. Total savings was about $67,000.

    Sue spent a total of 4 hours working on this Sun Prairie refinance with me:

    1 hour initially discussing goals with me. We were able to focus on primary goals and Sue was able to really learn about me, my products, and my Wisconsin mortgage lender.

    30 minutes finding necessary documents to process application.

    1 hour signing the application. I went to her house to explain application and to review all application documents. We reaffirmed goals and confirmed game plan for closing.

    1.5 hours signing the closing documents. This was painless and very little changed between signing the application and closing.

    I itemized the time Sue spent on this refinance to show how 4 hours of your time can save you 67,200.

    If you are ready to purchase a Sun Prairie home or need a Sun Prairie mortgage, please call me at 855-712-3113 or visit my site WI-Mortgage.com!

    You may now be eligible for an interest rate reduction. We may not require income documents or appraisal report to modify your existing Sun Prairie home loan to a lower rate and reduce your monthly payment! We recommend that you call to see if you qualify for the program.

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