• Sun Prairie Refinance Success Story: Derek and Sheila

    31 Mar 2015

  • Derek, a married man from Sun Prairie, WI, wanted to save money on his Sun Prairie WI refinance! Derek is married to Sheila and they own a beautiful lakeside home and wanted an Sun Prairie WI refinance to lower their monthly payment. Derek is required to pay child support and also owns a separate investment condominium in Sheboygan, WI.  Sheila previously filed for bankruptcy due to a previous marriage and had perfect pay on her credit report since the bankruptcy discharge date.  Derek’s current mortgage has an interest only feature and had paid perfectly on his mortgage for the previous four years. The problem is that his rate is seven percent (7%) and has not paid one cent down on his mortgage because of the interest only feature of his current loan.  They obviously wanted and needed a new Sun Prairie WI refinance mortgage.
    The goal was to save money and quickly pay off their current Sun Prairie WI refinance mortgage.

    SunPrairie.WI-Mortgage.com was able to lower Derek and Sheila’s Sun Prairie WI refinance mortgage into a very low market rate on a 25 year mortgage term.  Short-term, we were able to provide a savings of $300 a month. Long-term, they saved another $150,000 by reducing their term with their Sun Prairie WI refinance mortgage.  Even though Derek and Sheila had a bankruptcy, have to pay child support, and were losing money on the investment condominium, we were able to approve this loan. In only three weeks we provided Derek and Sheila a Sun Prairie WI refinance some monthly and long-term savings.

    The key was to get all pertinent documents for their Sun Prairie WI FHA refinance such as: 30 days of pay stubs, the last two years of income taxes, their current mortgage statement, their property tax bill, their home owner’s insurance declarations page, 3 months of bank statements, their retirement account quarterly statement, bankruptcy paperwork, child support documentation, and the closing paperwork from their current Sun Prairie WI refinance mortgage.  We needed all the documents so we could answer any and all questions from the underwriter.  The file was large and thorough but it was necessary.  Our underwriter may have declined it if it were not complete.  That was the key to this Sun Prairie WI refinance.

    If you are ready to purchase an Sun Prairie, WI home or need an Sun Prairie WI refinance please call me at 855-712-3113 or apply HERE now!